> 16 S. American Odyssey: What in the World…

01 Rain cloulds build
02 Rain
03 Ayacucho Director Clelia Gálvez, Wiracocha, and Carolyn
04 Finca Peru entry
05 Aquiles at Finca Perú
06 Finca Peru Mission
08 Wiracocha addresses socias
09 Socias
10 In memory of La Morenita
11 A busy place every day
12 Finca's childcare area
13 Kids play while moms bank
14 Going to the Mass for La Morenita
15 Mass at Santa Clara for La Morenita
16 Friends greet Aquiles and family
17 Gathering at Finca to honor La Morenita
18 Derek to ride in the bike race to honor La Morenita
19 Watching the bike race with his granddaughters
20 Creative bike entries
21 Gastronomy
22 Yummmmm!
23 Perry's tools
24 Perry at work
25 Perry visits Acos Vinchos
26 Acos Vinchos building site
27 The view of Aquiles' fields at Acos Vinchos
28 Aquiles' Acos Vinchos caretaker
29 Children demonstrate in Acos Vinchos
30 Folk art shop
31 Ceramics and stone
32 Santa Ana Artisan community
33 Weaving studio:gallery
34 Master stonecarver Julio Gálvez
35 Vegetable dyed yarns ready for the loom
36 Master weaver Alejandro Gallardo Llacctahuaman at work
37 Alejandro
38 Alejandro's son, weaver Alexander Gallardo