> 24 - S. American Odyssey: Santiago, Chile

01 You CANNOT take these on a plane!
02 Flying over the Andes
03 Avenida Bernardo O'Higgins and Parque Santa Lucia
04 Santiago's Cathedral & Main Plaza
05 Live music with a classical backdrop
06 Art, architecture, and night activity
07 Tree-lined streets
08 Orderly traffic
09 Outside our hostal
10 Hostal Rio Amazonas
11 Our room on the top floor of the tower
12 Another view, with gargoyle
13 View from our room toward the Olympic Museum
14 Owner painted art on the walls
15 Argentine Embassy nearby
16 Refuge for victims of political persecution after overthrow of the Allende democratically elected government
17 The Argentine Embassy, seen from our room
18 Olympic Museum statuary
19 Street vendors
20 Beginning the uphill trek
21 The pathway up
22 The trekker
23 Trekker on crutches and the distant goal
24 Getting closer
25 You can see we're farther up
26 Still a ways to go
27 Finally something to drink!
28 Trying el Mote con Huesillo
29 Now, that's a view! Of the smog
30 And we're almost there
31 Sanctuary at the top
32 A place for prayer and contemplation
33 La Virgen
34 Virgen's eye view
35 Can you see the snowcaps?
36 Funicular down F
37 The upper station
38 All aboard!
39 The Bellavista neighborhood
40 Patio Bellavista
41 Restaurants in the Patio Bellavista
42 More Restaurants
43 Valentine's Day dinner
44 One view from our table
45 Jazz Club bar
46 Brazilian jazz singer:guitarist
47 Pasta and a bottle of Carmenere
48 Street corner at night
49 Old stairway, to the dungeon?
50 Along a street at night